Day 43 - Sunday, July 21, 2002

Colter Bay Village (Grand Teton NP) to
Grant Village (Yellowstone NP),WY (Grant Village Campground)

Ride length: 40.4 miles (65.0 km)
Total to date: 2925.04 miles (4707.4 km)
Moving time: 3 hr 54 min.
Average Speed: 10.3 mph (16.6 km/hr)
Total ascent: 2391 ft. (728.8 m)
Minimum elevation: 6657 ft. (2029.1 m)
Maximum elevation: 8027 ft. (2447.2 m)
Ending elevation: 7830 ft. (2386.6 m)
Wind: Calm; tail wind for 5 mile uphill climb to continental divide
Weather: 40°F (4°C) in the morning; got up to 75°F (24°C) by the end of the ride at 3:00 pm. Partly cloudy.

Today was a particularly short but beautiful day of riding. There's no point in rushing through this part of the country. I saw more worthwhile scenery today than any other day on the trip. I rode with Joe and Chris again today. We rode from Grand Teton National Park through the South Entrance of Yellowstone National Park and up to the Grant Village area of the park.

The shoulders are nearly nonexistent in Yellowstone Park and there are plenty of people who are in a big hurry with their huge campers. It's a littly hairy riding here but I made it through the day with no incident.

I took a good number of pictures today both with my still camera and digital camera. Here is a small selection of images.

Teton Range and me sitting on the edge of Lake Jackson looking at the Teton Range.

Lewis River gorge. This picture shows forest in distance that had burned in the 1988 fire. The tree trunks still stick out of the ground like silver toothpicks with new growth at their feet. I passed through miles and miles of burned forest that is making a strong comeback.

Lewis River

Lewis Falls

Joe was messing around at this Lewis River overlook - pretending that he was flying. I took this picture for fun. I know that lots of Joe's friends read this site to follow our journey across the country.

I met up with four other riders today. There were two southbound Continental Divide towing BOBs behind their mountain bikes right at the Grand Teton entrance and two other riders at the campground. The two at the campground are a mother and son team from Colorado. They are doing a western loop tour from their home mostly following Adventure Cycling routes.

We also met a group of 65 riders who are doing a Cycle America trip. They are completely sag supported with a mechanic, masseuse (sp.), and have all their camping and eating arrangements taken care of.

Food: 3 packets cream of wheat, 3 packets sugar, 1 packet spiced cider, 2 tossed salads - one with Italian and one with 1000 island dressing, 4 dinner rolls, serving vegetables, 1/2 lb. pasta, 1/3 lb. cheeseburger in the garden, fries, 16 oz. pepsi. GORP (500 Cal.), Skittles (300 Cal.), 2 really big cookies, can of Pepsi

Camping fee: $4.20 plus $3.00 shower fee