The Best and Worst of...

Best roads: Wyoming (except in the National Parks)
Worst roads: Illinois
Lightest traffic: Western Kansas
Nicest people: Kansans
Best bike paths: around Breckenridge, Colorado
City with the most bikers: Eugene, Oregon
Most pierced city: Seattle residents have all kind of holes in their bodies
Best panoramic view: McKenzie Pass (western Oregon)
Best bike hostel: Golden City, MO
Best looking girls: Montana (believe it or not)
Best looking Kansas girls: In Montana
Best place to hang with hippies: Tie between Eugene, OR and Missoula, MT
Most beautiful state: Idaho
Most dangerous roads: Route 40 in Colorado, From Eugene, OR to Florence, OR, Route 101 in Oregon
Most like central Pennsylvania: central Washington
Least like central Pennsylvania: Wyoming
Best bike repair shop: The Bike Surgeon in Carbondale, IL
Best pie: Cookie's in Golden City, MO
Toughest climbs: Appalachians of eastern Kentucky & western Virginia
Longest climb: To the top of Hoosier Pass (Colorado)
Longest descent: Along Loscha River in Idaho (but I had a headwind for two days)
Worst GPS reception: Loscha River gorge
Best state welcome signs: Colorado
Worst state welcome signs: Oregon (There weren't any at either border!)
Riding where there's nothing to see all day: Tie between western Kansas, most of Montana and Wyoming
Riding where there's too much to see in one day: Yellowstone National Park
Best hospitatlity along the TransAm: Tie between June "The Cookie Lady" Curry in Afton, VA, the Lees in Radford, VA, and the Martins in Dubois, WY
Worst accomodations: city park in Ellington, Missouri (barking dogs and ATVs all night)
Best weather: Washington state (cool nights, mild days, crystal clear skies)
Worst weather: Kansas (terrible crosswinds, oppressive heat, and not a shade tree in sight)
Craziest accents: hill people of eastern Kentucky
Most biker friendly town: Missoula, Montana (lots of bike routes and courteous drivers)
Least biker friendly town: Pueblo, Colorado
Best services for a bicycle tourist: Damascus, Virginia
Cheapest restaurants: tie between eastern Kentucky cafes and Pizza Hut lunch buffets
Most expensive places: Colorado ski resort areas, national parks
Most beautiful riding segments: Grand Teton National Park
Freakiest natural phenomena: geysers & hot pools in Yellowstone National Park
Worst winds: Oregon coast (prevailing northerly headwinds), Kansas (prevailing southerly crosswinds)
Flattest state: Kansas
Most moutainous state: Virginia (except first 100 miles)
People who think they have mountains: eastern Kansans in reference to their Flint Hills

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